What the heck is a hedera?

I was watching “Last Man Standing” tonight.  One of the main characters mentioned something about a punctuation mark called a hedera.  I thought, “What the heck, Google? Why don’t I know what that means?”
So Google said, “Go read a book…” or something like that.

Naw… Actually, Google sent me to the ol’ Wiki-P which informed me that it is a genus of plants known as ivy.  Reading on after further refining my search with the word “punctuation,” I found a cool site called The Wordict. I must say… I love anyone who loves words and language as much as I do.  On that site there was an article on this very subject and I noticed from the comments that many others were interested by that word being mentioned on “Last Man Standing.”  So… here is a hedera

Apparently it is a paragraph separator.  Just check out the links above for a better description.  There is no point in me expounding anymore on this subject so well explained by The Wordict.
Thanks, Wordict!


2 thoughts on “What the heck is a hedera?”

    1. Yeah, It’s funny that almost nobody knows about this, yet we see them all the time. I didn’t know until I saw them mention it on that TV show.

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