Trans-gendered Storm Naming

I was watching the news weather report this morning and listening to them talk about tropical storm Julia.

The Weather Service usually alternates between male names for one storm and then female for the next storm. I got to thinking; There has never been (to my knowledge) a transgendered storm. Might be interesting to throw that option in every now and then. Maybe when it becomes a named storm (tropical storm/depression) they could name it one gender name. Then when the severity of the storm changes to hurricane it could change gender name.

This storm is Tropical Storm Julia and if it becomes a hurricane, it would be Hurricane Julio. And it doesn’t have to be female name first then male name. Maybe that would alternate too… TS-Male –> H-Female and another storm system might be TS-Female –> H-Male. Might have some really confusing gender identity issues if the storm severity changes back and forth more than once, as they often do.

Maybe this is weird or even dumb… It was early in the morning after a late night. I don’t know where my mind will go on such mornings.


This only my first post here. I will try and write more interesting posts in the future. Even though not that many people will likely read this. But you never know.

2 thoughts on “Trans-gendered Storm Naming”

  1. very interesting thought…you may have just started something… after all, back in the day they only had female names for hurricanes.

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