The Perils of Hair Care Products

I was watching a movie in the living room a couple of nights ago and heard a loud bang in the other room… Some kind of explosion just occurred. It was quite loud but not so loud that I was thinking “bomb”. I had no clue what could make that kind of noise. It definitely didn’t sound like something just simply fell over.

I moved in slowly to investigate… There were bottles of stuff knocked off the shelves onto the floor. Maybe falling bottles… that would have made some noise but what would have knocked these things off the shelf? Mouse? Ghost, LOL? I still didn’t think that was loud enough to be the sound I heard. Then I saw this…

A pressurized bottle of some hair care product had exploded. It must have been doing a little bit too much of absolutely nothing at all. I mean a whole year and a half of sitting on a shelf doing nothing must have been way too much stress for it. Maybe it just wanted some attention, “Yo, look at me! Over here, man! I’m gonna lose it!”

Along with knocking many items off the shelving, the hair care product had been thrown and splattered all over the walls and some clothing that was in a nearby closet. What a mess.

While cleaning up the mess, I found this survivor apparently still bunker’ed down from the blast in his built in bomb shelter. He seemed just as shocked by the blast as I was; probably more so. He was directly on site at the time of the hair care product event. If I could curl up like that I probably would have too. Who would have thought a hair care product would be so sensitive to being on a shelf doing nothing.

I thought this curled up little bug was dead for a bit so I went to pick him up and he sprung to life and popped up from his tightly wrapped bunker. He’s trying so hard to get away now… Seems a little suspicious to me. I think he might be a suspect in this incident. He probably blew up this hair-product bomb. Look at that guilty face…



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