Goodbye Unity… The Linux community will miss you.

April 9, 2017

Starting with Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu will shift away from Unity as the default desktop and back to GNOME. Unity is a very popular desktop environment and many people will miss it. Thanks to the Canonical team, for all their work on this for all these years.

There are great alternatives but as I have been using Ubuntu for a while and have gotten used to Unity, I will probably miss it.

I have one physical Linux machine (Ubuntu) and three virtual machines. I have been trying other Linux distros for several months now anyway on the virtual machines. So, I have some pretty good ideas of what else is out there.

Linux Mint Cinnamon
Linux Mint Cinnamon Desktop Environment

I have a Linux Mint virtual machine with the cinnamon environment, a MATE machine, and a GNOME. They all seem great in their own ways. My Mint machine is almost my favorite although it seems a little laggy compared to the MATE machine. They are 2 of the virtual machines on the same host machine so I can’t think of a hardware reason for one to lag more than the other.

Anyway, I will miss Unity but thanks to the other options available… I won’t miss it too much. That being said, I am grateful to the Canonical team for all the work they have done. I have been using Ubuntu since 12.04 so I am quite used to it and will remember it fondly.


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