Idaho Falls Police Think DNA Works for Facial Identification

UPDATE: May 3rd, 2017 — New information to this case at bottom of article. Idaho Falls police need to stop watching sci-fi crime movies and pseudo-scientific crime scene investigation TV shows. I was watching ‘48 Hours: The DNA of a Killer‘ a couple of nights ago (aired April 15th but I DVR’d it). I was shocked at the amount of … Continue reading Idaho Falls Police Think DNA Works for Facial Identification

Stupid Fake Scanlines Are Annoying

If you’ve ever watched reality TV shows or many video games these days you’ve probably seen them… The simulated scanlines. It’s the ‘indicator’ TV producers use to let viewers know they are watching camera footage. Umm… I’m watching TV so isn’t it all camera footage. I hate stupid fake scanlines. They’re distracting and unnecessary. Millions of dollars were spent … Continue reading Stupid Fake Scanlines Are Annoying

Trans-gendered Storm Naming

I was watching the news weather report this morning and listening to them talk about tropical storm Julia. The Weather Service usually alternates between male names for one storm and then female for the next storm. I got to thinking; There has never been (to my knowledge) a transgendered storm. Might be interesting to throw … Continue reading Trans-gendered Storm Naming